The Awesome “Three”

After the success of my first blog (as I had 2 readers), I decided to venture out on a serious topic which caught my fascination off late.  Not many like Mathematics as a subject but if we look deeply into our day to day activities we find that we are always surrounded by numbers and they haunt us every now and then.  But as I kept digging into the subject, I found that the “Number 3” has fascinated me the most.  It also irritates me as I am not able to conclude if it is a mere coincidence with things associated with this number or does it require deeper analysis to find the answers to my question.  I would not go into the nuances of whether it is a lucky or an unlucky number and blah blah… I leave this job to Bejaan Daruwala, Sanjay Jumani and others who decide our fate on the basis of these numbers. My references to various subjects on this number should equally fascinate you all as it did to me.  

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 To begin with Mythology, we all know Lord Shiva carrying a trishul (a trident: a weapon with 3 prongs).  It represents the instrument by which He removes the pain caused by the effect of the 3 gunas: three qualities, known as Gunas that exist together in equilibrium: Sattva (purity); Rajas (activity, passion, the process of change); and Tamas (darkness, inertia). Our favourite deity Lord Ganesha is also blessed with the power of 3 lords namely Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.


Going into religion, in Christianity there are three theological Virtues namely the Faith, Hope and Charity.  According to the Buddhists there are three roots of evil namely greed, hatred and delusion.  How true.  Going to the field of Science the very basic periodic table started with Debereiner proposing his law of triads of arranging the elements, taken 3 at a time, in their increasing order of weights in the periodic table.  Venturing into other fields we have the physical world which has 3 dimensions.  There are 3 primary colors the red, blue and green.

Not keeping our bollywood far off from this, we have the famous love triangle stories which are the success formula for many films like K2H2 etc.  Also some famous movies like DCH, Jhankar Beats which revolve around the life story of 3 friends.  To add up I have always seen people especially the college students forming a group of three and hanging around.  And these 3 friends are their most trusted ones.

These may appear to be data picked straight from the net but a couple of interesting observations I made, which few might have thought about.  There are only 3 kinds of people around you. First ones are those who do not care what happens in and around them.  They are always in the high spirited mood and probably the happiest as they do not know what to do with their lives.  The second are the ones who know what they want in life and also they know how to achieve it.  They are the most successful and happiest people and the achievers.  The last group of people lies in between these 2 groups who want to achieve many things but are unable to reach their destination.  The other observation I made was that any object you pick around you has 3 characters.  They create things, they protect it and they destroy it.  Confused??  Let’s pick the example of GOD.  He is the one who created us; He is the one who protects us from evil and calamities and off late mankind is being destroyed in His name.  Isn’t that true?


11 Responses to “The Awesome “Three””

  1. After reading this I am changing my name from srikanth to threekanth..hehehe 🙂

  2. Please give me many shiva’s wallpaper in my Email
    Realy nice Photoes


  3. Great post. all my friends loved it too. keep up the great work!

  4. Tanmay Shah Says:

    nice comment srikanth..evn i m changing to threemay ! hehe… wonderful post sid…din knw u write so well and more importantly u thk so deep !
    but for me the awesome number is 4 😉 i m not goin to write a blog as yet…its jus bcoz its my lucky number !
    neways keep up the good writing..i knw all teachers are impressed !

    • siddheshshenoy Says:

      thanks dude….such appreciation after a year is only motivating me write more….will try my best to write better blogs


  6. Thats what we believe. Nice Article. But sometime when We think about story we read, its hard to believe but sometime We can’t go away without believing it.

    Nice post.

  7. awesome dude! Looking for some more!

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