The Awesome “Three”

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After the success of my first blog (as I had 2 readers), I decided to venture out on a serious topic which caught my fascination off late.  Not many like Mathematics as a subject but if we look deeply into our day to day activities we find that we are always surrounded by numbers and they haunt us every now and then.  But as I kept digging into the subject, I found that the “Number 3” has fascinated me the most.  It also irritates me as I am not able to conclude if it is a mere coincidence with things associated with this number or does it require deeper analysis to find the answers to my question.  I would not go into the nuances of whether it is a lucky or an unlucky number and blah blah… I leave this job to Bejaan Daruwala, Sanjay Jumani and others who decide our fate on the basis of these numbers. My references to various subjects on this number should equally fascinate you all as it did to me.  

2139619-lg  number3bnw

 To begin with Mythology, we all know Lord Shiva carrying a trishul (a trident: a weapon with 3 prongs).  It represents the instrument by which He removes the pain caused by the effect of the 3 gunas: three qualities, known as Gunas that exist together in equilibrium: Sattva (purity); Rajas (activity, passion, the process of change); and Tamas (darkness, inertia). Our favourite deity Lord Ganesha is also blessed with the power of 3 lords namely Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.


Going into religion, in Christianity there are three theological Virtues namely the Faith, Hope and Charity.  According to the Buddhists there are three roots of evil namely greed, hatred and delusion.  How true.  Going to the field of Science the very basic periodic table started with Debereiner proposing his law of triads of arranging the elements, taken 3 at a time, in their increasing order of weights in the periodic table.  Venturing into other fields we have the physical world which has 3 dimensions.  There are 3 primary colors the red, blue and green.

Not keeping our bollywood far off from this, we have the famous love triangle stories which are the success formula for many films like K2H2 etc.  Also some famous movies like DCH, Jhankar Beats which revolve around the life story of 3 friends.  To add up I have always seen people especially the college students forming a group of three and hanging around.  And these 3 friends are their most trusted ones.

These may appear to be data picked straight from the net but a couple of interesting observations I made, which few might have thought about.  There are only 3 kinds of people around you. First ones are those who do not care what happens in and around them.  They are always in the high spirited mood and probably the happiest as they do not know what to do with their lives.  The second are the ones who know what they want in life and also they know how to achieve it.  They are the most successful and happiest people and the achievers.  The last group of people lies in between these 2 groups who want to achieve many things but are unable to reach their destination.  The other observation I made was that any object you pick around you has 3 characters.  They create things, they protect it and they destroy it.  Confused??  Let’s pick the example of GOD.  He is the one who created us; He is the one who protects us from evil and calamities and off late mankind is being destroyed in His name.  Isn’t that true?



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The year 2008 was a joy ride for some but a nightmare for those who were directly or indirectly affected by the financial, political crisis that the country and the world witnessed. Yes I am talking about some of the great leadership in the Corporate and Political arena that has brought world to this day.  I just felt that, as Bollywood is also facing the heat of recession and lack of good scripts a few movies could be made from our corporate and political world.  I would choose the following subjects if I were to make a movie.  Hope you like them


”Raju” Ban Gaya Gentleman


Star Cast: Ramalinga Raju and Sons


The story of this movie is about a father, son relationship.  The story begins with a talented man called Ramalinga Raju who with his sheer hard work and dedication starts a software company and takes the company to new heights.  As the company grows and makes huge turnovers, it also attracts a lot of investors to invest in the company.  His two sons also decide to open an Infrastructure Development and constructing company unlike their parent company, as they are also keen on showing their leadership skills.  They decide to name their company as a “PALINDROME” of their parent company (How Smart).  But when all seem going well for both the companies a gusty evil wind blew over the Child Company and they suffer huge losses. 


Now the father, like an ideal father, sets out to save the child company and signs a deal to buy the company.  This leads to a panic among the investors and hence the employees.  The investors sighting a big problem pull out all the money from the parent company.  The father is directly caught in line of fire between the investors, his employees and his sons.  In order to satisfy his investors and his employees he reverts back the deal of buying the child company within 24 hours of the deal and thus saving his company’s image. 


Caution: The movie will be released only in SATYAM and its child theater MAYTAS



Mere Do Anmol “RATAN”


Star Cast : Ratan Tata, Narendra Modi, Mamta Banerjii


Another perfect thriller of the year.  It begins with an ambitious industrialist who wants to do something for the common man.  As a result he decides to launch a NANO car that would cost the common man just a lakh rupee (excluding the hidden costs of course).  The backdrop of this movie is set in the state of West Bengal.  To create employment in the state he sets up the production factory in a village called Singur.  As good things do not last long, the same happened with this gentleman.  He had to face stiff agitation of a powerful lady called Mamta Banerjii (He calls her “The BAD M”) for not giving her the share of his profit pie.  As she could not digest the progress her state was making she protested against all the employees working for the company and also threatened their lives. 

mamta-banerjee111_261 The Bad M India Business and the Good M

As a result the industrialist had to pack his bags and leave the state losing a huge sum of amount.  The future of the ambitious project still remained uncertain.  But as we all know there is always a positive to nullify the negative, the industrialist found a “GOOD M” in Modi who grabbed the opportunity and pulled the industrialist to Gujarat.  And they happily lived ever after…..The product is yet to be released on the roads





Star Cast: Rahul Gandhi


No. No am not talking about the super flop, multi star cast Subhash Ghai musical disaster.  I am talking about the so called most eligible bachelor in the Congress party.  This is a story about a mamma’s boy who in his younger days never liked his country and goes on to stay in another country.  But after few years he changes his mind and feels that his country needs him or rather the Prime Minister’s post needs him and returns to India.  He starts his political work of campaigning for his party in villages and cities. 


He lures the villagers by working with them day and night and the city girls with his charm.  He is interested in is work but his party men are more worried about his bachelorhood than his contribution in the party.  But his hard work and charm together one day moulds him to become the Prime minister of the country.





Star Cast: No prizes for guessing


This movie is a personal favourite of mine. 


Well this is one of my personal favourites.  No not because of the dashing hero or his brilliant performances, but I am still confused whether he was the inspiration for Big B in his movie Sarkar or vice versa.  Be it the looks or the noble thought this person has is almost similar to the one Big B played in Sarkar.  This is a story about a young leader, who separates from his uncle’s party and starts his own one.  This man is so concerned about the sons of the soil that he destroys the very own property of the soil, thereby creating lot of job opportunities for his sena (i.e. breaking and burning property) and destroys everyone who comes in the way of his people (south, north or east Indians but not Kasab and his men).  He is a man of principle, who does not believe in the system of merit.  He believes that the local person is more deserving than a person from other part of the country.  

800px-sarkar_movie_poster1  Spot the difference 14604376_raj-thackeray_11



He is awesome with his flawless acting, dialogue delivery and his mimicry act where he mimics Big B, The Shotgun and many others.  My favourite being “GUDDI ZAALI BUDDHI” Off late he is busy with some master plan and seen nowhere especially after 26/11.




Sensex Zameen Par


Star Cast: P Chidambaram


Well this movie is about an intelligent, talented and hard working man called “PC” who effortlessly brings down the Stock market under his leadership in the finance ministry.  With his impressive presentations on the growth of the country he manages to lure the investors to invest in a country which would guarantee them returns twice the amount they had invested. He also manages to deceive the common man by taking the Stock markets to new heights and actually creating an impression that the country is indeed developing.  Everyone made him the true HERO of the country as everyone was getting more than what was expected out of him.  But as time passed by the reality came in front and all realised that nothing was fine with his presentations.  The investors pulled back all the money and the common man suffered heavy losses.

p_chidambaram_00520lr3  The Good Times chidambaram1 The Bad Times


After this debacle he was given the job to look after the Home Ministry.  Now everyone just prays “hope he brings down terrorism in the country the way he brought down the Stocks”



And the award goes to???….Well you can vote for the best story or best star cast by replying to this Blog.


Also in the pipeline of releases are


MAYA Memsaab

Star Cast: Mayawati


3 Idiots

Star Cast: Vijay Mallya, Naresh Goyal, GR Gopinath


And many more